Beatriz Vargas was born in Encarnación de Díaz Jalisco México and resides in Reggio Emilia Italy. 

Her work is based on the constant search to represent worlds, imaginary, dreamlike, through symbols and harmony of colors.

From the age of 13 she began to study painting with her mentor the teacher Francisco Peréz, she participated in multiple exhibitions in the Municipality at the age of 18 she was invited by the same artist to participate collectively in "Art workers studio" where they created 5 murals in domes in the main auditorium of Encarnación de Díaz Jalisco, with encaustic technique, oil and gold leaf, which was later broadcast on televisa, local media, process, due to the censorship imposed by the bishopric of Guadalajara. 

She studied Graphic Design at the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes and the University of Guanajuato. At the same time, she dedicated herself to perfecting techniques such as watercolor, charcoal and colored pencil. She participated in different exhibitions in Aguascalientes by the university and by the cultural institute of Aguascalientes. 

After finishing university, she dedicated herself to painting pictures for bars, restaurants and in 2015 she moved to Italy where she would study the master's degree in children's editorial design, later she moved to the city of Naples where she would find work as a designer for a real state agency, a A year later, he returned to Mexico where he and other friends would start an independent publishing house in the city of Aguascalientes, taking charge of the image design, illustration and editorial design. 

She later moved to the city of San Cristobal de las Casas where she took a documentary film course, and she dedicated herself to creating digital artistic work. 

In 2017 she returned to live in Naples where she would still work with her as a designer but later she dedicated herself entirely to illustration and independent work, creating book covers, illustrated manuals, image design. 

It was published by the magazine in 2018 by “crooks press” Australia (illustrator book). and for a local art magazine in Aguascalientes and one from Colombia "collective bicycle" Returning to Mexico in 2018, she was invited by a group to participate in the project "mural city in Morelia Mexico. Later in Aguascalientes she made different murals in the city both inside and outside. 

Returning to Italy he founded his collective "Nube" where he reclassified a 300 square meter park thanks to crowdfunding, he organised a mural festival in southern Italy in a socially marginalised town that had been one of the main towns of the mafia 40 years ago. Years ago, the project was so successful that it appeared in the local and national press in Italy. 

At the end of this project, the municipal government decided that the group would recover more common spaces through muralism. 

I define myself as a simple person who always observes the world in a pictorial way, always seeking to see the aesthetic side of life. 

In constant evolution with the work, always looking for the experimentation of techniques, styles, forms that is always present, I do not like to always work with the same theme or the same technique, I define myself more as an artist who always seeks a communicative intention within a context which I connect with people in a very representative way always using referential, not very abstract objects, I always try to create a context in which the work develops, for me the fact of creating images starting from 0 is one of the most magical things that I feel that as a human being it fills you with energy. 



I think that inspiration stems from the motivation found in creating, making and studying shapes, objects, things, always starting from culture, nature and getting to transform visual studies into a pictorial result.


My favourite place to travel is Sicily, Italy, since the culture, the people and its geographical position, the nature, the colours that there are, cause me a lot of calm and joy. It is a beautiful place which I feel like being at home.