Chris Vidal is a contemporary realist artist living in Sydney, Australia. His interest in arts started from very young. He studied classical drawing at the School of Arts in Malta and then pursued a career as a medical scientist and researcher.

However, his interest in arts remained alive. His interest in oil painting drove him to teach himself how to paint in oils and he never looked back. After several years, he left his lifelong career to become a professional artist. His current works consists of various representations of the Australian landscape inspired by places he visits and still life. His work is influenced by contemporary and master artists of realism and impressionism. His works were published in books and magazines and are found in private and corporate collections in Australia and Internationally.

Painting is another form of communication used by humans as from the early days. Being engaged in painting gave me an opportunity to see the world from a different perspective and in more detail. For both the artist and the viewer painting gives you the opportunity to stop, think and reflect. The ultimate purpose of art is to communicate a message.

Our understanding of the world is modeled by several external factors starting from childhood and will continue to grow and change until the last moments of life. My initial childhood interest in arts and science continued to grow with me and influence my current works of art. Painting connects my love for art, science, life, and the world. Using pigments and other raw materials and through the process of painting I want to give an illusion of what is around us in a convincing representation of reflected light.

With my artwork I want to re-establish our human connection with mother nature. Unfortunately, living in big cities most humans lost their connection with nature leading to a destruction of the natural environment. Art should be a representation of beauty coming from within the inner self.

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