My name is Enric Gener. I was born in 1982 in Menorca, a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

I grew up there till I went to university, where I studied art and design and where I took my first contact with photography. I started to work in motion graphics and design, first in some companies and after that as a freelance.

In 2009 I change my lifestyle, I bought an underwater camera and escape from the city. Because my work is purely digital I started to work remotely. This has allowed me to live in many different places always, but always close to the sea.

Because I never had the need to use photography as a commercial purpose, this allowed me to be completely free to find my work model and own style.


My work is an iconography of my relationship with the sea.

Formally I try to be simple and clean, without overfill the frame with too many elements, just taking the essentials that push you to live the experience to be underwater in the same landscapes and situations that I’ve been.

My work is a documentary about the real-life happening around me. Because I try to make that my life pass in the sea or very close to it.

My real passion is the sea, and after that, photography. In that order, that it’s so important to me. But also, photography is my partner on this. Sometimes it is so hard to walk, swim or travel with the camera. But other times is the camera that pushes you to walk farther, swim deeper or travel farther.

The sea is another world just one step to our normal life. Down there you start away to the deep and cold and dark and wet and blur. Where you are in constant movement and if it wasn’t enough you can not breathe. And suddenly a human been, apparently out of context, but at the same time capable to be closely connected to that infinite blue space.