Born in Entre Rios, Argentina, educator, writer, and photographer Micaela N Chutrau showed a fascination for travel and remote locations from an early age. In 2016 she decided to swap her International Law degree at a prestigious university in Buenos Aires for a 16L backpack and a tent.


Together with her new travel partner (-who would eventually become her husband) they pulled up their thumbs up at the side of the highway and prayed for adventure. Together, they would go on to travel for two consecutive years, exploring most of South America, Australia and Southeast Asia. 


During these years, Micaela grew into the habit of getting up at sunrise everyday and setting off with just her camera and motorcycle to explore the area they were in. The intimate travel portraits and landscape images she captured would go on to be featured in travel magazine publications, opening the doors to working with NGOs, hostels, restaurants and eventually establishing a career in the art of photography. The couple eventually settled in Sydney, Australia in 2019 where Micaela founded The Garage Photo Studio, a portrait and fashion studio which main goal is to promote creativity in the community. She is currently experimenting with remote photoshoots (such as Facetime Photoshoots) to keep innovating during the ongoing pandemic. She hopes to, in the future, continue working her studio but dedicate a few months of the year for a travel assignment, with the country of Mongolia being on the top of her list.