I love photography so much, that I shoot images everyday, because everyday, there is something new to discover, new people to meet, new experiences to behold.

Life is rarely boring when your work is something that you love.


I’ve had cucumber sandwiches with the Queen, I have a fossil site named after me ‘Quentin’s Quarry’ in Riverleigh, QLD, 

I’ve landed on a US Aircraft Carrier ‘Independance’, I’ve been stranded in a house overnight with pianist, David Helfgott, 

and yelled at by the late Kerry Packer, while he was holding a gun. So much fun.


I have many awards and accolades, and have been nominated for two prestigious Walkley Awards, 

and have portraits in the National Portrait Gallery, National Library, and in many private collections. 

I have also won numerous awards for Sport and News photographs.


I have had 2 exhibitions of my photography at Global Galleries in Paddington, as well as a group show in the Newsagency Gallery in Stanmore


I also have a somewhat bizarre interest in Shopping Trolleys, and have thousands of photos of lost shopping trolleys from all over .Australia.


I don’t have a particular style or favourite subject...It either grabs me or is doesn’t

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