I live in Australia and much of what informs my art process is nature, particularly the Australian landscape, and the repeated patterns and frequencies that are observable throughout the natural world and cosmos, from the micro to the macro .The patterns or the life forces intrigue me and I understand their constituents to be of both light and sound. I am a singer/songwriter at times and the songs I write often accompany visual work. Ultimately, the Arts are my teacher.


As I am both an art therapist and artist I discover and learn about myself and the world through the experiential sensorial qualitative relationship I have with the arts. I refer to my paintings as depictions of inner dimensional landscapes inspired by divine design. They are reflections of inner climates and depict an abstract, in between world, like that of formlessness coming into form.


I resonate deeply with the tantric artist who is not alienated from nature, but is very much in unison with the order which constitutes it. The Art then, is a projection of an intrinsic consciousness permeating the inner and outer worlds. I Hope to create pieces of artwork that hold a meditative resilience, that has the ability to hold one’s attention in contemplation.

Along with divine design and the beauty of the natural world, much of Australian original (indigenous) contemporary art.